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Hello and welcome to LoveStorage. My name is Jessie Shao, the director of this studio.

Founded in 2011, LoveStorage has grown to be the leading wedding videography and photography studio in London having covered over 250 weddings in the UK and overseas. Only in a few years time, the studio has grown from myself to a bustling team of 15 people. I feel like I have grown as LoveStorage expanded.

Filming a wedding is not an easy thing but after three years and over 250 weddings I have never for a second lost my passion. Every wedding is unique and it excites me each time I see the bride eagerly getting ready for her big day, nervously walking down the aisle and breaking into tears when saying the vows. Not mentioning the happy and proud smile on the groom’s face when he can finally say the word “my wife”.


LoveStorage was founded in 2011 and is the leading wedding videography and photography studio in London.

At LoveStorage we value every second of your big day. We understand the time and effort you put in creating the perfect wedding and we strive to make your day look stunning in beautiful videos and photos, which you can treasure for a lifetime.

At LoveStorage we serve our clients with the highest standard. Our professional filming and post-production skills, our range of HD equipment and creative crew ensures you get top quality every step of the way.

LoveStorage is often featured in Cosmo Bride, The Guardian, Global Times, Rock My Weddings, Belle Amour and others publications, being called one of the most innovative wedding studios in the UK.


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