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hi Hello people, welcome to LoveStorage studio. My name is Jessie Shao, the director of this studio. My mother runs a wedding photography and videography studio in China. In my early teens, I found I also have the passion to work in this field so I began to work for her when I turned sixteen. After achieving a M.A. Degree in Film and Television in the U.K, I started to build my own wedding photography studio in Manchester and later now in London. My mother's studio follows the traditional ways of filming and photographing, and what makes the difference between us is that my studio is unconventional, contemporary and innovative. As a journalist and filmmaker, I am curious about what are the love stories behind the wedding and how our team can structure the narrative to make it a captivating movie.

About love storage

Our team are hopeless romantics at heart and we are proud of it. I gave the name "LoveStorage" to my studio because I wish for it to be the place to store love. We aren’t satisfied enough with just blending into the background and documenting what appears in front of our camera. A great engagement shoot or wedding goes through a lot of planning and we feel it is important that all your time put into organizing an event could be expressed through a carefully put together film and photo-shoot. We will build up a profile for each individual client. To understand your characteristics and bring it to the works we make. Once that is done, we would then write a storyboard of how we want to photograph or film your big day. We would like to collect photos from your childhood all the way up to your graduation. We then use software to convert all of these still images into a vivid and captivating element of the movie. We love to show depth in our stories through time and memories.


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